Surgical Errors

Surgical Errors – Medical Negligence Claims

While all surgical procedures inherently carry risks, it’s imperative that you are adequately informed of these risks before undergoing surgery. While some surgical complications may arise as non-negligent occurrences, in certain cases, they may stem from surgical errors.

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What are the types of medical negligence

What Are The Types Of Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence, often referred to as clinical negligence, occurs when a healthcare professional provides care that falls below the expected standard, resulting in harm or injury to the patient.

Medical negligence can take various forms, and understanding these forms is crucial for patients and their families. This blog aims to shed light on common types of medical negligence.

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How Do I Claim Compensation For A Birth Injury

How Do I Claim Compensation For A Birth Injury?

Most women giving birth today expect to leave hospital safe and sound with a healthy baby. Modern medicine has led us into a false sense of security when it comes to childbirth. We all know that pregnancy and labour were highly dangerous in the past, but surely nothing catastrophic happens nowadays? If only this were true.

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