Council Disrepair
Housing Disrepair

What the Council don’t want you to know about Disrepair

If you are a Council or Housing Association tenant and living in substandard or poor living conditions due to leaks, damp, mould, faulty heating/electrics and so on… then you are living in disrepair. It can be a frustrating and emotionally taxing situation to be in, especially if your pleas are being ignored.

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Car Accident Claim
Personal Injury

Have you been injured in a Car Accident?

We never think it will happen to us until it does. It doesn’t matter how well you drive, or how safe you are, even the most skilled drivers can find themselves in an accident. But if you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own, then you may be entitled to compensation.

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Personal injury accidents work
Personal Injury

Claiming Compensation for a Workplace Accident

If you’ve suffered injuries because of an accident at work that was not your fault, then Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, we may be able to assist you in filing a claim, whether you are an employee, contractor, member of the public, or a visitor.

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Contentious Probate

Contesting a Will

One of the hardest things to go through is the loss of a loved one, and if there is a disagreement over their Will or estate, it can make things even more upsetting. In these circumstances, the legal procedure for determining how an estate should be allocated is known as contentious probate. If they died without a will – or if the will is contested in any manner – you may require the help of a solicitor to ensure that everything is managed fairly.

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