Which UK councils are paying the biggest injury compensations

Which UK Councils Are Paying The Biggest Injury Compensations?

Recent data* has revealed the top 10 Councils in England and Wales most significantly affected by personal injury pay-outs.

Most of the claims are due to accidents like slipping, tripping, falling, accidents caused by potholes, people getting hit by falling objects, and issues related to inadequate premises and equipment.

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Who Is Liable For Slip, Trip, Or Fall Injuries

Who Is Liable For Slip, Trip, Or Fall Injuries?

Picture this – you are walking home from work along a public footpath, happily listening to your audiobook or music when all of a sudden, your toe hits a rise in the pavement and the next thing you know you are flat on your back, surrounded by the faces of concerned strangers asking if you are OK. Unfortunately, you are not.

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