Dental Negligence Claims

Visiting the dentist is a stressful and difficult experience for many people. But if you are the victim of dental negligence, it can be even more distressing.

If you’ve suffered from preventable pain or injury after substandard dentistry, you have the right to claim against the dentist/dental hygienist who treated you. 

Our Nicholson Jones Sutton experienced dental negligence lawyers will take the time to understand what you’re going through, helping you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

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What Is Dental Negligence?

As with all forms of medical negligence, there is more than one way in which you might suffer from dental negligence.

Dental negligence is when a dental health professional fails to provide the right standard of care, often resulting in a dental problem getting worse rather than better.

Some examples of dental negligence include the following:
  • Why Are Dental Negligence Claims RisingPeriodontal Disease (gum disease): If your dentist fails to diagnose and treat gum disease can lead to loss of teeth and many other sever health risk.

  • Root Canal Treatment: If the procedure was not performed to an acceptable standard, particularly if sodium hypochlorite (the bleach the dentist uses) escapes during the process.
  • Tooth Extraction: Common poor outcome of tooth extraction includes – wrong tooth extraction, broken jaw.
  • Tooth Implant Negligence: If you have had a failed implant procedure, it could have been caused by negligence if you have experienced any of the following issues:
    • Implant without treating periodontal (gum) disease.
    • Not enough bone to have an implant to secure the implant.
    • Wrong angle – A dental implant needs to be placed straight into the jaw to ensure it’s in the correct position. If it is placed at an angle in any direction, it will lead to future implant problems and likely, a dental implant failure.
    • Tooth implant too close to other tooth, meaning it required removal and replacement with a new implant.
  • Crowns, veneers, or bridge fitted negligently: Where a patient has crowns and/or bridges placed, there are a number of ways in which negligent crown and bridgework may be provided.
    The key purpose of this type of restorative dentistry is to maintain or improve the teeth’s function. If your function has been affected following the provision of crowns and/or bridges, then you may also have a claim.
  • Negligent Orthodontics, including:

    • A failure to provide the appropriate type of treatment.

    •  A failure to appropriately manage the treatment once underway.

    • A failure to commence treatment in a timely manner.

  • Negligent Composite Bonding, including:
    • Providing treatment when unnecessary or when unsuitable.
    • A failure to carry out treatment to the appropriate standard, including poor fit or poor aesthetics.
    •  Substandard treatment resulting in premature replacement.

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How we can help you

Our Specialist Team will help you to Make a Dental Negligence Claim: 

We would be happy to talk through with you what is needed to claim compensation for medical negligence. 

The information that we will need will include the following:

  • Your past medical history (we will need to see your GP and Hospital records once we have agreed to help you).
  • Whether your condition/symptoms will affect your life in the future.
  • Any medical or other expenses or therapy costs you have paid out for or still need to pay for.
  • Whether you have raised your concerns with the health professional already and if so what they have said.
We will normally be able to help you on a No Win No Fee Agreement basis and will explain what this means when we speak to you.

Meet The Medical Negligence Team

Our team has decades of combined experience in dealing with Medical Negligence Claims. 

Our Nicholson Jones Sutton Medical Negligence Specialists are sympathetic, understanding, and can help you get the outcome you deserve.

If you would like to discuss an issue, please get in touch to arrange a free no obligation consultation. We’re available by email or phone.

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Leanne Henton

Litigation Manager

Leanne studied the Bar Vocational Course at the BPP Law School in Leeds, and graduated with Very Competent, before cross-qualifying as a Solicitor in 2013.

She joined the firm in 2009 as a Personal Injury Fee Earner, dealing with various matters including Road Traffic Accidents, Employment and Public Liability, and Medical Negligence.

Leanne progressed onto a Litigation Team Manager role in 2015, managing a team of RTA Personal Injury Fee Earners, and further on to Litigation Manager in 2020, working closely with the Directors to ensure the success of the Personal Injury Department.

Leanne has been heavily involved in the development and expansion of the EL/PL Department, as well as the Medical, Dental and Cosmetic Negligence Department.

In her personal life Leanne enjoys holidaying and days out with her young family.

Margaret Harvey

Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Margaret has specialised in clinical negligence claims since 2011 and over the years she has dealt with both clinical and dental negligence claims: including claims brought by Dependents in terms of the Fatal Acts 1976.

She recently dealt three Fatal Accidents claims arising from death by suicide as a result of the failure of the Mental Health Institutions providing adequate care and support. One of these cases involved death of a teenage girl as a result of suicide while been detained under the mental health act. That claim was successfully settled after the inquest.

She has dealt with claims involving GP negligence and a variety of clinical negligence claims involving failure to diagnose and treat fracture, surgical errors , cases involving a delay in diagnosing and treating cauda equine syndrome , orthopaedic claims , delays in diagnosing and treating cancers and negligence in treating diabetic ulcers leading to lower limb amputation as well as amputations as result of the delay in diagnosing and treating vascular problems.

She recently dealt with a claim in terms of the Fatal Accidents Act where the Deceased died as a result of a delay in diagnosing and treating rabies which the Deceased contracted after a bite from a rabid cat.

She lived in Zimbabwe until she moved to the UK in 2008 and she practiced law there for 9 years. Margaret has three children and five grandchildren who all live in the UK. She’s very interested in history and she’s a member of the National Trust and English Heritage.

Kate Barge

Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Kate has been a specialist solicitor in clinical negligence and dental negligence claims since 2010. During this time, she has mainly worked on the claimant side of negligence although she has obtained experience working at defendant firms which has given her invaluable insight.

Previous to qualifying as a solicitor Kate had a career in nursing qualifying as an RGN and subsequently working as a Theatre Sister at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. During her time working in clinical negligence she has run high value claims including a claim against the rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

She loves travel and wild life and has recently been scuba diving off the coast of  Mexico with turtles,  sting rays  and moray eels.

Rachel Browne

Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Rachel has been a specialist clinical negligence and dental negligence solicitor since 2014, as well as having had a number of years pre-qualification experience in this field also. Her practice has been solely claimant based and has an empathetic approach to navigating claims.

Her experience includes running high value obstetrics claims, as well as complex bariatric and orthopaedic cases to successful conclusion.

Rachel loves to travel and spent part of her undergraduate degree studying in the United States. She is an avid reader, and particularly enjoys the classics.


Richard Shillcock


After qualifying as a solicitor in 2002, Richard gained experience working in several firms in the north west of England.

Throughout his 25 year career in the law, Richard has covered the gamut of Personal Injury work. Described as being ‘terrier like’ in his approach to litigation, Richard still loves the thrill of the fight despite his ever advancing years.

Outside of work, Richard lives on the Wirral with his wife and two children. When he isn’t busy helping with homework or coaching his daughter’s football team, Richard enjoys baking and watching his beloved Liverpool FC.

Barry Radford


Barry qualified as a Solicitor in 1999 and has over 20 years post-qualification experience dealing with personal injury claims.

 Barry joined the business in 2015 and having spent time in the role of litigation team manager in the Road Traffic Accident department, he now focuses on his fee-earning role. Barry has experience of dealing with a wide range of personal injury cases including employer’s and public liability matters. He specialises in high value multi-track personal injury claims together with clinical and dental negligence cases.

 Barry recently moved to rural Wales having lived in Manchester for many years and enjoys spending time walking in the countryside with his partner and their miniature dachshund, Rupert.

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