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Cycling Accident Claims

Vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, are at risk of serious injury if a collision occurs with a motorist, often being thrown off their bikes and onto the bonnet of a car or onto the road, causing injury to the cyclist and damage to their bike.

Accidents involving cyclists often happen when a motorist pulls out of a junction into the path of cyclist without warning, change lanes or make a turn without realising a cyclist is present, or even open a car door into the path of a cyclist.

If you have been injured in a cycle accident that was not your fault you may be entitled to compensation; we need to prove that the accident was the fault of the other motorist involved and that as a result of the accident you have suffered injury and potentially financial losses too.

Following an accident, it helpful to try and gather evidence in support of your claim, including swapping details with the motorist involved and taking the details of any witnesses, speaking to the police, and taking pictures of the accident scene. Of course, sometimes the severity of the accident may mean the cyclist is taken to hospital by ambulance and unable to do any of these things, and in those cases, we will work to obtain the necessary details to present the claim to the relevant insurer.

We will then work to evidence your claim, gathering reports from the appropriate experts as well as obtaining evidence in support of your financial losses to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Financial losses may include the cost of repairing or replacing your bike, loss of earnings due to time off work, as well as care and treatment costs.

How we can help you

We will make sure to consider the following:

  • How severe your injury is, and your recovery-time.
  • Whether your injury will affect your life in the future.
  • The amount of time you’ve had to take off work because of your injury.
  • Any care you’ve received, even if from a family member.
  • Any adaptations to your home, car or life.
  • Any medical expenses, from therapy costs to prescription costs and even travel expenses.
How we can help you

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Throughout 2022, in addition to her work in the RTA Personal Injury Department, Leanne has been heavily involved in the development of the Family and Data Breach Departments.

In her personal life Leanne enjoys spending time with her young family.

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