Council Disrepair

What The Council Don’t Want You To Know About Disrepair

If you are a Council or Housing Association tenant and living in substandard or poor living conditions due to leaks, damp, mould, faulty heating/electrics and so on… then you are living in disrepair. It can be a frustrating and emotionally taxing situation to be in, especially if your pleas are being ignored.

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Council Landlord Ignoring Your Disrepair

Is Your Council Landlord Ignoring Your Disrepair?

If you live in a Council Property it is their responsibility to provide a safe, secure, and well-maintained home. Therefore, the Council or Local Authority must repair any reported issues they are legally responsible for, especially if the conditions are affecting your health. If you have complained and they have not fixed the issue in a reasonable timeframe or are ignoring the problem entirely, Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors can give you the help you deserve by ensuring the repairs are completed.

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