Which UK councils are paying the biggest injury compensations

Which UK Councils Are Paying The Biggest Injury Compensations?

Recent data* has revealed the top 10 Councils in England and Wales most significantly affected by personal injury pay-outs.

Most of the claims are due to accidents like slipping, tripping, falling, accidents caused by potholes, people getting hit by falling objects, and issues related to inadequate premises and equipment.

Liverpool City Council leads the way, having paid over £1.7 million in personal injury claims between April 2022 and April 2023. Following closely are Essex County Council and Hampshire County Council, both of which have paid out more than £1.2 million.

Additionally, in the top five are Camden Council and Manchester City Council, with payments of £1.1 million and £1 million, respectively. Below is the complete list of councils and their corresponding pay-out figures:

1. Liverpool City Council – 311 claims – £1,743,423.43
2. Essex County Council – 440 claims – £1,286,745.92
3. Hampshire County Council – 217 claims – £1,256,506.82
4. Camden Council – 92 claims – £1,108,472.57
5. Manchester City Council – 341 claims – £1,081,522
6. Birmingham City Council – 283 claims – £806,004
7. Bury Council – 82 claims – £735,000
8. Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council – 104 claims – £719,454.46
9. Southampton City Council – 49 claims – £494,970
10. Sheffield City Council – 79 claims – £481,351.32

Councils and local authorities are government bodies responsible for managing and maintaining public services and spaces. They offer a range of services, including schools, sports facilities, transportation, and the maintenance of parks and roads.

One of their primary responsibilities is to ensure the safety of the public in these services and locations. They have a duty of care by law to keep you safe. Under The Highways Act 1980, local councils are responsible for maintaining pavements in a safe condition for pedestrians.

Each local authority is accountable for the well-being of its area and the services it offers. They need to make sure the places they look after are well-kept and keep people safe. To do this, they check their services for any dangers and fix them to prevent accidents in public areas. They are also responsible for informing the public about these risks and hazards to minimise the chances of accidents occurring.

Any injury you suffer that was caused by the local authority or council negligence allows you to make a claim against them for a sum of money that covers your injuries, pain and suffering, financial losses, medical treatments and any expenses or losses that you may need in the future because of what happened to you.

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