Divorce legal process

Divorce – The Legal Process

Wondering how a divorce works from a legal point of view? Below is a flow chart of the major steps and milestones along the way

Petitioner drafts Divorce Petition based on the most appropriate of the available grounds:
• Unreasonable behaviour
• Adultery
• Desertion
• 2 Years Separation (with consent)
• 5 Years Separation (without consent)

Divorce Petition sent to the Court with the original marriage certificate and Court fee (£550)

Court issue the Divorce Petition and send a copy to both parties
(the Respondent is also sent an Acknowledgement of Service form to complete)

The Respondent is to file an Acknowledgement of Service with the Court within 7 days

The Court send a copy of Respondent’s completed Acknowledgement of Service to the Petitioner

Petitioner applies for Decree Nisi

Court lists a Hearing for the Decree Nisi
(generally the parties do not attend the hearing unless there any disputes)

Confirmation of the Decree Nisi date is sent to both parties

Petitioner can apply for Decree Absolute six weeks and 1 day after the Decree Nisi

The Court grants the Decree Absolute and the parties are now divorced


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