FAQ’s Contentious Probate

Every case is different, but call us for a FREE initial consultation on 01625 667 166 and a member of
our team can discuss your options with you.

There are time restrictions on contesting an estate, so the best thing to do is to get in touch with
us as soon as possible to establish where you are up to in the process, and what we can do to help

This will depend on the details of your individual case, as every probate case is different. Our
expert litigators will work as efficiently as possible to get your case resolved as quickly as
possible. Use the contact form to provide your contact details, and we can start this process

We would always recommend bringing any legal case through a solicitor, as this can be a complex
and confusing process if you are not a legal professional. We can help you deal with this sensitive
topic and gain you your rightful inheritance.

If you are still unsure about whether or not you can, or should take the step of contesting the Will
of a loved one, get in touch with us by leaving your information in the contact form above, and
we’ll call you back for a no obligation discussion with one of our expert team.

Beneficiary disputes can be very hard to deal with. Let our contentious probate claims team help you with this delicate issue.

If you have reason to believe this is the case, contact nicholson jones sutton solicitors to arrange a call to see how we can help in these situations.

Let our will solicitors team help you establish true valuation in a diplomatic way.

At nicholson jones sutton solicitors, we are sympathetic to this problem, get in touch today for a professional and personal discussion.

Let us investigate this for you, so you can be certain the process has been followed correctly and fairly.

This can be an upsetting and difficult situation, each member of our skilled contentious probate solicitors’ team is highly trained and can help you handle this discreetly and with compassion.

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