What occurs when an executor does not follow the will

What Occurs When An Executor Does Not Follow The Will?

As the person appointed by a testator to with carrying out the wishes outlined in a will, an executor plays a pivotal role in the administration of an estate. However, if an executor fails to adhere to the instructions laid out in the will, it can lead to confusion, frustration, and legal complications.

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Can I Remove An Executor Of A Will

Can I Remove An Executor Of A Will?

Probate disputes can swiftly erupt in cases where an Executor has a conflict of interest, is not progressing Probate, and/or keeping secrets regarding the whereabouts of certain assets (and these are merely a few examples).

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My father left me out of his will. How can I fight this

My Father Left Me Out Of His Will – How Can I Fight This?

Discovering that you’ve been left out of a loved one’s will can be incredibly distressing and confusing, leaving you wondering what options you have moving forward. If you find yourself in this situation, know that there are steps you can take to address your concerns and there are potential claims you may have against an estate.

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Contesting a Will made undue influence

Contesting a Will Made Undue Influence

We are often contacted by people who claim that a Will is invalid because it was made as a result of “undue influence”. Equally we are often contacted by beneficiaries who claim that a will is valid – and they deny there was any undue influence. So, let’s take a look at the law.

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What Are The Most Common Types of Contentious Probate Disputes?

Here at Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors, we have a specialist team of solicitors dealing with Inheritance Disputes of one sort or another – and against that background we tend to see all sorts of claims. Sometimes we are asked to make claims and sometimes we are asked to defend claims that have been made by others.

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