Wills Disputes _Haven’t been left as much as you expected

Wills Disputes – Haven’t Been Left As Much As You Expected?

If you haven’t been left as much as you expected in a will and wish to make a claim, you may consider the following steps:

1. Seek legal advice: Consult with a solicitor who specialises in probate and inheritance disputes. They can assess your situation, review the will, and provide guidance based on your specific circumstances.

2. Understand your rights: In the UK, the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 allows certain individuals to make a claim if they have not been adequately provided for in a will. Eligible claimants may include husband/wife, civil partners, children, or dependants of the person who died.

3. Assess your claim: Your solicitor will help evaluate the strength of your claim based on the factors outlined in the 1975 Act. These factors include your relationship with the person who died, your financial needs and resources, and the deceased’s obligations and responsibilities towards you.

4. Negotiate or mediate: Before proceeding to court, it may be worth attempting negotiation or mediation to reach a resolution. Your solicitor can assist in communicating with the executor or beneficiaries and help facilitate these discussions.

5. Gather supporting evidence: Collect any evidence that supports your claim, such as financial records, documentation of your relationship with the person who died, and evidence of your financial needs and obligations. This evidence will strengthen your case if it goes to court.

6. Initiate legal proceedings: If negotiation or mediation is unsuccessful, your solicitor can help you initiate legal proceedings. This involves filing a claim with the court and presenting your case.

7. Attend court proceedings: If your claim progresses to court, you will need to attend hearings and present your case. Your solicitor will guide you through the process, represent your interests, and advocate on your behalf.

It’s important to note that the process of making a claim can be complex, and the success of your claim will depend on various factors. Seeking professional legal advice is essential to understand your rights, evaluate the strength of your claim, and navigate the legal process effectively.

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