Medical Negligence Claim Guide

This Medical Negligence Claim Guide gives information on medical negligence claims.

It explains the patients’ rights who suffer surgical or medical negligence errors.

Medical Negligence Claim Guide

What is Clinical Negligence?

Clinical negligence or better known as medical negligence is when health professionals make mistakes or fail in their duty of care to you, leading to a new injury or to a deterioration of an existing condition.

There are a number of ways that medical negligence can happen, such a delay in diagnosis of a medical condition, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or surgical mistakes.

Medical Misdiagnosis Claims

There are three types of misdiagnosis:

Incorrect diagnosis
– Delayed diagnosis
– Missed diagnosis

An incorrect diagnosis is when a medical professional such as a doctor incorrectly diagnoses your condition.

A delayed diagnosis is when your medical condition is recognised later than it should have, and a missed diagnosis is when your doctor fails to diagnose any problems at all.

The effects of a medical misdiagnosis can be devastating as they can lead to serious long-term injury, or a worsening medical condition if they are not treated early, such as Cancer or Equina syndrome.

Making a GP Negligence Claim

General Practitioners are held to the same standards as other medical professionals and owe their patients appropriate and adequate levels of care.

If a GP fails to carry out their duty of care correctly or fails to diagnose your condition, makes a mistake in treating you or referring you for the treatment that you need, this could be considered negligent care from a GP.

Report a Surgical Error

A surgical error happens when there is a mistake before, during or after an operation leaving patients with injuries, disabilities, infections, or the need for further surgery.

Patients who suffer surgical errors are entitled to know what went wrong and why.

Hospital Negligence Compensation Claim

Poor care provided to patients during a hospital inpatient can lead to pressure sores and medication issues as well as delays in diagnosis and falls, all of which can make the condition or problem that you were in hospital for worse rather than better.

If you have suffered a hospital negligence, whether in an NHS Hospital or a private medical facility our specialist medical negligence team can help you to access the support you need.

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