How Much Is My PI Claim Worth? by Rachel Hughes

Since the whiplash reforms were implemented on 31st May 2021, the compensation payable to Claimants who suffer whiplash injuries, as the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle, is governed by a tariff, which ranges from £240.00 for an injury lasting not more than 3 months up to £4215 for an injury lasting up to 24 months; a significant reduction in the compensation previously recovered for such injuries. Vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists are exempt, and not compensated by reference to the tariff.

Furthermore, minor psychological injuries, such as travel anxiety, also fall within the tariff and result in Claimants being awarded only a nominal additional on top of the award for their whiplash injuries.

However, recent guidance from the Court of Appeal confirms that if a Claimant also suffers a non-whiplash injury, for example an injury to the knee, elbow, hip, an award of compensation, not limited to the tariff is made, and the Claimant’s compensation is increased.

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