Disputes About The Administration Of Estates

Disputes about the Administration of Estates are, sadly, becoming increasingly common – at any given time we will often have a number of these claims either being pursued or defended by us. Sometimes claims are genuine – but sometimes we defend claims that are brought by over greedy beneficiaries.

Disputes about the Administration of Estates can arise in a variety of ways. Sometimes there are disputes between Beneficiaries and Executors – for example because the Executors are too slow, seeking to charge too much money for dealing with the Administration of the Estate or not getting the best out of Estate Assets. In these circumstances it is possible to hold the Executors to account or, as a last resort, get a Court Order requiring the Executors to take particularly steps or to have them removed and replaced by someone else. As we have said these disputes are common – but they are generally easy and quick to resolve.

Sometimes there is an internal dispute between Executors themselves – for example with one Executor wanting to take a particular course of action and another Executor refusing to agree. This sometimes happens for example, if one Executor wants to sell a house that belonged to the person who died – but the other Executor doesn’t want to take this step. Sometimes there is a dispute about what the sale price of the house should be. These disputes are relatively easy to resolve but sometimes Executors can become entrenched in a position and fail to take the best steps in the interests of an Estate.

We like to help Executors or Beneficiaries to resolve disputes quickly and effectively – using legal proceedings as a last resort – but if one party becomes stubborn and refuses to see sense then we will swiftly bring a case to trial to get the best outcome for our client.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with Inheritance Disputes matters. We are sympathetic, understanding, and are here to help you every step of the way.

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