Close-up of broken left leg and new prosthetic on left with limb amputated below the knee

Catastrophic Personal Injury Claims

In February 2023, Karen Bannister, a Personal Injury Lawyer at Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors with extensive experience in complex, catastrophic personal injury claims, successfully secured a £1.9 million settlement for a client who suffered a below-knee amputation following a motorcycle accident in September 2020. Karen instructed barristers Chris Barnes KC and David McCormick, who both played an instrumental role in obtaining such a positive result.

A few seconds changed a young man’s life forever

Karen’s client, who wishes to remain anonymous, rode his motorcycle past a stationary bus. The Defendant, who was driving a car, pulled out of a junction to the left. The bus may have blocked the Defendant’s view. Our client collided with the car and suffered severe leg injuries. Although doctors attempted to save the leg through surgery, after six months, it had to be amputated.

The impact on Karen’s client was devastating. The stress of the incident resulted in the breakup of his relationship with the mother of his children. In addition, he had to move into a shabby, one-bedroom basement flat, which was unsuitable for his children to stay overnight. He has also been unable to work since the accident and may have to quit his chosen profession.

The Defendant fiercely disputed primary liability and contributory negligence.

Negotiating the settlement

The Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors legal team, comprising Karen, Chris Barnes KC and David McCormick, met with the Defendant’s insurer to discuss interim payments and rehabilitation as per the Rehabilitation Code 2015. The insurer made a settlement offer of £1 million at the meeting. After receiving instructions from the client, the offer was rejected, and negotiations began in earnest.

The instructed counsel had a wealth of experience in quantifying personal injury claims. They informed the insurer that the total value of the claim if 100% liability was established was £4.5 million.

Following several back-and-forth offers and counter-offers, Karen’s client eventually received total compensation of £1.9 million. The funds will allow him to access private rehabilitation and have a prosthetic limb fitted, and he can also now purchase a suitable property for himself and his children.

Commenting on the case, Karen said:

Amputation cases are relatively straightforward concerning the amount of compensation awarded. The barristers I instructed were incredibly familiar with amputee cases and could robustly determine the claim’s worth. This put us in a strong negotiating position when it came to settlement. Everyone who worked on this case was delighted with the result as the settlement will ensure this young man can move on to a positive future”.

Our team has decades of combined experience in successfully advising and representing clients in catastrophic injury cases. We are sympathetic and understanding and are here to help you every step of the way.

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